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TPB takes a stand on the wave of racist comments about refugees

In response to the escalation of racist comments concerning the refugees, we are publishing the text we have commissioned – “The Necessity of Shadow-Boxing. European Modernity and Racism” by Monika Bobako. Being a public theater we are obliged to take a stand on this issue. We unanimously oppose any form of discrimination on the grounds of “race,” religion, ethnicity, sex or social status. We oppose the hate speech used in the public sphere. In the months to come, our artistic, educational, and research activities will focus on the issues of empathy towards people who are escaping the horrors of war, violence, persecution, as well as on the universal experience and interest of people from different cultures and nations. We will also attempt to deal with the propaganda messages stigmatizing the refugees through the analysis of the images used in the discourse and condemning the hate speech. The first events that will take up this issue will be available already at the Festival of New Dramaturgies: a performance by a Palestinian director Amir Nizar Zuabi in which a Syrian-German actress, Corinne Jaber, travels through the Middle East, where she meets Syrian refugees and listens to their stories (; we will also start the “Images of Refuge: From Migration of Images to Images of Migration,” meetings led by Paweł Mościcki ( We would also like to remind you about the PTB’s audiovisual materials collected during the last season that touch upon Islamophobia, racism, and the necessity to gain competences to understand the phenomena and political, cultural, social and economic processes: “Islamophobia” debate (, “Race and racism: dominance and violence patterns” (, and “Why should we talk about Africa in Poland?” (

“The Necessity of Shadow-boxing” by Monika Bobako