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Crowd on Festival of New Dramaturgies. Do we love theatre?

It seems so. Each performance an ongoing Festival of New Dramaturgies has a significant interest. What we see today?

Today at 6 pm on the big stage of TPB will be able to see the “Black Bismarck” by andcompany & Co. Two hours later, while on the small stage there will be three of the artist Magda Jędra, Weronika Pełczyńska and Iza Szostak and show performance “Europe. Inquire “. As they say themselves invite the audience to a gigantic European lumpeks fantasy full of second-hand and worn-out dreams of the future. The collage of improvisation and networks visible and invisible connections dancers will explore the relationship between what is distant, global and what is personal.,3531983,art,t,id,tm.html