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Papa Zura and Ojciec Karol (Soul Service)

29.09.2016 10:00 PM Free admittance
location: Towarzyska Kafe

Papa Zura

Since mid-1990s active as a DJ and music promoter. As a rule his sets are austere and original selections of archival pieces from vinyl records in a decent old school mix. With his bag of 7” vinyl singles he visited clubs, festivals and radio stations in Poland and many other countries, from London to Moscow, to Tokyo, mixing both in small pubs and during huge events such as the Open’er Festival or Męskie Granie. Author of several own productions, including vinyl singles released by Funky Mamas & Papas. He is a member of the Soul Service collective, with which he has been promoting funk/soul/jazz, 1960s psychedelic music, tropical rhythms as well as vinyl records as carries since 2005. Soul Service are also the authors of a well-known record series Polish Funk and several other albums presenting the Polish music of 1960/1970s. For some years they were hosting the weekly programme “Soul Service” in ROXY Radio, not in existence anymore.

Ojciec Karol

Co-founder of the Break Da Funk collective supporting the music of broken sounds, thanks to whose initiative it was possible to see in Poland such artists as Ugly Duckling, DJ Kentaro, Speech Defect, Krafty Kuts, Scratch Perverts, DK, 6ix Toys, Nostalgia 77, DJ Format, Boca 45, A.Skillz, DJ Hype & Jim Dunloop, Natural Self or Rob Life.

He released a mixtape entitled Akumulatura showing the impact of funk on contemporary dancing music and a mix under the title Sepukultura featuring such musicians as: mC glenSKii – vocals, Kuba Galiński – synthesizer and organs, Suhi vel Sushkin – trumpet and vocals, dj Zaju – scratch. The mix was broadcast in the programme Solid Steel run by Ninja Tune record label.

In January 2010, FM&P released a 7-inch vinyl record of Break Da Funk entitled Tajniak (Undercover Agent) with Father Charles co-authoring one of the two tracks on it.

In 2013, he became a member of Soul Service, where together with Captain Sparky, Miściak, Burn Reynolds and Papa Zura they bravely bring funk energy, by means of record players and dusted vinyls, to wherever it is needed.

He hosted programmes in Jazz Radio, presenting fusions of funk mixed live in the studio with sounds produced by instruments that the guests would bring with them. Moreover, he hosted programmes in Radio Kampus and ROXY Radio Roxy.