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Dead Snow Monster

28.09.2016 10:00 PM Free admittance
location: Towarzyska Kafe

The  music of the trio from Wrocław can be characterized as a garage rock’n’roll, though they are not short of loose and economical sound.Their  minimal compositions in conjunction with the energy of the musicians create a truly explosive mixture. The band has already recorded two EPs and, released in 2012, album I Wanted to See a Monster. In the same year, the album Offensive 4 was released. It had a song “Get Your Guns” which was specifically selected for the compilation by Piotr Stelmach (Polish Radio Programme 3). The band has performed, i.a. at Open’er Festival in Gdynia and Muddy River Festival in Prague.


On their new album Things (February 2016) there are a lot of sounds under the banner of garage rock’n’roll and DIY rock’n’roll. The music is embedded in climates and sound stylizations of the 1960s.