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27.09.2016 10:00 PM Free admittance
location: Towarzyska Kafe

The duo created in 2014 by a producer  1988 (including Stella, Raw, Etamski) and by a rapper, songwriter and producer Robert Piernikowski (Napszyklat). Their debut album Orient was released in 2015 by an independent record company Lighthouse (Latarnia). Orient is an ambiguous record, full of scraps of sentences and words, associations, language mistakes and cliches forming complex images. This album is the essence squeezed out of what is the most interesting about rap  – the rough, sincere and spontaneous record, but it is created almost with having a feel for film – assuming an energetic but mesmerizing form during concerts, which in conjunction with a “filial” charisma draws from beginning to end .


Since their debut, they have played dozens of concerts in Poland and abroad. They have performed, among other things, at the New Music Festival, Unsound, Up To Date, a Gdańsk edition of the Boiler Room. The duo is currently working on a new material, and their Orient  has lived to see its vinyl format (2016-07-15)