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We Call It a Sound

25.09.2016 10:00 PM Free admittance
location: Towarzyska Kafe

The band We Call It a Sound was founded in 2007 in Wolsztyn in Greater Poland. Over a  nine-year-old activity,  the group has recorded three albums: Animated (2010), Homes & Houses (2012) and Trójpole ( 3-field – 2014). This material was promoted at numerous concerts and festivals, among other things,  at Open’er, OFF Festival, Selector, Coke Live Music, Slot Art Festival, as a support group of Yeasayer from New York. The  group style has evolved steadily and strongly – from avant-pop, balanced beginnings through flirting with dance music, R & B or dub, to the fascination with Polish traditional music, which continues to this day and resonates most strongly in the works of them. However, these influences are impacted with original ideas, which, always somehow stylistically, crashed the group between different worlds.


WCIAS now is a duo made up of Filip and Karol Majerowski, who despite the fact that every day they live in Warsaw and Poznań, they identify with the native village Kębłowo. The brothers are now working  on new material, which is likely  to be released in the format of the fourth record later this year. The  aesthetics of the recordings is a kind of a bracket because being under the influence of the musical traditions of  their home country the band has returned to the intimate sound and minimalist form of their early activities. The compositions for two voices, electronics and two wind instruments – trombone and trumpet are songs thanks to which the group refers to the problems and as well  to the image of  the contemporary Polish country.