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01.10.2016 08:00 PM Buy ticket
location: TPB big stage
running time: 1h 30 min.
break: no
Katarzyna Kalwat
text: Marta Sokołowska
set design: Anna Tomczyńska
video: Ewa Łuczak
light design: Paulina Góral

cast: Jan Dravnel, Sandra Korzeniak, Zygmunt Krauze, Tomasz Tyndyk

Performance in Polish with English subtitles
theater / producer
TR Warszawa

Imagine waking up in a forest, you can’t take in the whole forest, just the part around you, to see more you can cut down a few trees and increase the space, the light illuminates the clearing. Cutting back more and more, you move and leave behind you places which then grow over, you can use your memory, experiences, recollections, but is it possible to understand the essence of the forest as a whole ?

Martin Heidegger


Holzwege (German for “getting lost”) is the title of a work by Tomasz Sikorski, one of the most interest composers of the second half of the 20th century.

The production by the same name, based on Marta Sokołowska’s play, is an attempt to understand the Sikorski’s work and life, which came to a premature end with his mysterious death. Holzwege is a combination of a theatre play and a concert. Alongside the TR Warszawa actors Jan Dravnel, Sandra Korzeniak and Tomasz Tyndyk, the eminent composer Zygmunt Krauze, a friend of Sikorski’s, also participates. The actors and musicians call upon the works of the avant-garde composer, documentary materials and literary fiction to pay tribute to him. During the show, we will hear Tomasz Sikorski’s works Absent-minded Window Gazing, Hymnos and Solitude of Sounds performed live.


Tomasz Sikorski (1939-1988) is seen as an exponent of sonorism and minimalism. The Warsaw-native, child prodigy, son of the composer Kazimierz Sikorski, and recipient of French- and US-government scholarships, died in 1988 in unexplained circumstances. His music, which defied genre classifications, was not appreciated in his lifetime. Only in recent years has its innovativeness, radicalism and pioneering power begun to be recognised.