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House Radio Party

24.09.2016 10:00 PM Free admittance
location: private flat

The project Radio House Party refers to the search for new practices of listening. In a well-known form of a house part, it tries to find the possibility of new situations arising from the contemporary experience of the collective music consumption. Radio House Party responds to one of the objectives of the festival associated with initiating projects in the social sphere through practical testing of the crisis situation and finding in it a new way of organizing and participating.


The culture of joint listening to music is mostly limited to big festivals and music events. Several stages, hundreds of performers and the abundance of stimuli bring the participants into a state of sound confusion. What we listen to and how we do it affects not only the shaping of our hearing and musical taste, but it is also an integral process of participation in culture and society. It requires conscious participation.


This process is easily visible when we look at small record companies that change, but in reality return to older media. Music is often released in vinyl format or cassettes, rather than – as is most often the case – released in the form of a virtual music file uploaded to the web. The world begins to take to small and medium-sized festivals, often taking place outside the main cultural centres and also in small towns or villages. The organizers of such events put the main emphasis on their intimacy and on popularizing the idea of acoustic ecology. This intimate nature also manifests itself in concerts organized in private apartments by professional companies offering the so-called house gigs. Concerts in studio flats or houses for a handful of guests are certainly an interesting alternative for festival goers tired of listening to three concerts at the same time.


Radio House Party is a multi-spatial house party featuring the DJ and a radio journalist Michał Margański (Polskie Radio Three). The DJ set, which he will play in one of the flats in Bydgoszcz, will be available via streaming and broadcast live on Radio Three during the Triple Bandwidth program. Being on the move or away from the physical event, anyone can become a member and join in the fun. The common space can paradoxically be in many places; at home, in a flat, in the garden or in the park. Just visit the Festival of New Dramaturgies website or turn on the Polskie Radio Three. This way – at the same time and in many different spaces – an unlimited number of people will be able to have fun and dance to the same music. All participants will share the same sound and rhythm that come from one room in a flat in Bydgoszcz.


The event will take place in a Bydgoszcz flat and will have a silent disco formula. The admission to the event is free upon prior registration (at The registration for the event is from 1st to 22nd September. The exact address of the flat will be given to the event participants by email on 23rd September at about 3 p.m.

The webcast of Michał Margański’s set will also be played at the Festival Club.


The webcast schedule:

10 p.m. – 12 p.m. on-line

12 p.m. – 02. a.m. Radio Three / on-line

02 a.m. – 03 a.m. on-line