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A talk by Theodoros Chiotis

25.09.2016 03:00 PM Free admittance
location: TPB upper foyer

Presenter: Michał Tabaczyński

For those whose faith in the power of poetry has recently waned (i.e. for the vast majority, apparently); the example of Greece should be comforting. In a state of severe crisis which seized many a sphere of the public life in Greece, it is poetry that becomes an efficient tool to describe the current situation. But also an efficient means to express defiance. Two anthologies of contemporary Greek poetry, recently published in English, imbue Greek poetry with great power; make it recognizable and prominent, as if Greek literature was the only beneficiary of the tragic current situation. The author Theodoros Chiotis is editor of one of these collections: Futures. Poetry of the Greek Crisis, as well as a poet, translator, and project coordinator for the The Cavafy Archive in the Onassis Foundation in Athens.